With temperatures in the high 90s in the Bay Area, it’s hard to believe that summer is quickly coming to a close. Although summer may have the appearance of being a time of rest and relaxation, for many of us in social change work, it’s not always so. We often have little time to catch our breath before we head into the busy fall season.

So I ask: How is your leadership? Are your edges feeling frayed? What would help you replenish your well-being before the end of the year?

Rockwood’s Art of Leadership can be a great opportunity to reflect on your work this past year, while reinvigorating you for what’s to come. You’ll have opportunities to explore and find the balance and pacing that’s right for you and receive support from other leaders to help you meet your goals.

Our next East Coast Art of Leadership will be November 2-6, 2015 at Garrison Institute in Garrison, NY. You can apply via our website, or by (510) 251-2500, ext. 115.

If a week away this fall is not possible,  I invite you to consider taking an afternoon off – you and those you serve will benefit!

Have a wonderful fall!